...are mainly cleansing therapies which help you to come back into a balanced and healthy state of being

Panchakarma is the health anchor of Ayurveda.
Pancha means five and Karma means action; these are five purification therapies designed to assist the body
in the internal cleansing process through the
elimination of toxins, wastes and other excesses
in order to bring the supportive forces of life,
the Tri doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha), into balance.

Panchakarma Therapies are most effective in combination
with Art of Living breathing programs. A cure should start with
a private, caring consultation to have the base
for the following treatments.

Of course you are also welcome to make your own choice of treatments and come for a single treatment or arelaxation day.

Traditional Ayurvedic Massage that soothens the nervous system, rejuvenates the skin...

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is convenient for you to eat and what not? What can you do to live more
healthily? Traditional Ayurvedic Massage that sooths the nervous system,
rejuvenates the skin... A wonderful
relaxation process in which the scalp and forehead receive a gentle and
caressing massage by a thin stream of lukewarm oil... An old
healing technique in which simple touch or light massage on the vital points
of the body, the Marma points... Created
to bring deep relaxation, Padaghata is the perfect choice for anyone
feeling... Svedana
is the therapeutic application of heat so that the pores and channels of the
body open. ... A
medicated paste of herbs and grains boiled in milk is made into a poultice
and then rubbed onto the whole body... A warm
enema with oil, water or tea eliminates toxins from the body by bringing
them back into the digestive system... Effective
treatment for reducing Vata, jaw tension, tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and
congestion... The nose
is the entrance to the brain. A combination of herbal substances and
massaging techniques... Through
this wonderful treatment the Pitta calms down; it is such a relief for the
eyes and... An almost
forgotten an?cient Ayurveda treatment, recently revised and updated by Sri
Sri Ravi Shankar... Using
the Art of Living Ayurveda Cosmetics specifically produced to balance each
of the Doshas... Get a
wonderful relaxation from top to toe. Head and foot massage brings rest...
Let us
treat you in a purifying and intensive way. The best treatment for all those
people... Calm
and gentle back massages to balance the energy between the cranium and the