What we eat, how we eat and how we digest our food is of prime importance for our energy, vitality and clear thinking.
So often the wrong food or too much food
creates diseases in the body.

But how to learn what to eat? Here in Sri Sri Ayurveda we
offer this weekend course for those wanting to eat more healthily and prepare delicious food in an easy manner.
You will also learn the basic principles of Ayurveda
and what is good for your type of person.

The course covers:

  • The theory of Ayurveda, (3 gunas, 5 elements,
    3 doshas, 6 tastes);
  • How to plan meals;
  • The six tastes and their importance;
  • Choosing foods, spices and equipment;
  • Balancing the doshas;
  • Maintenance of good health;
  • Eating according to your dosha;
  • Cooling or heating effects of different foods;
  • How to avoid poor food combinations;
  • How to minimise the negative effects of heavy food;
  • General guidelines for helping digestion.
  • Make your life better by eating healthy food and understanding what it does to you.

26. Feb. - 01. March
25. - 28. March
30. April - 03. May
28. - 31. May

€ 180 including one night full board
in a shared room. Single and double rooms
are available for a small extra cost.


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